Homoeopathy is a science and art. It is a medical approach that respects the human body and every organ of the human body. Thus, Homoeopathy is a wholistic system, which is practiced through the method of individualization, which individualizes the patient according to totality of the patient, i.e., physical, mental and emotional levels. It stimulates our body’s immune and defense systems and also acts like an internal counselor.

Homoeopathy gives importance to symptoms, which are known as the language of the disease and the cause of the disease. It is very important to get to the root of the disease and understand the underlying cause(s). Hence, Homoeopathy aims at understanding the root cause of the disease and thereby attempting to find a permanent cure. The medicine is prescribed as a SINGLE, SIMPLE dose after constitutional analysis is done.

Why Homoeopathy?

a)      It is effective for all age groups.

b)      No side effects.

c)       Even though it shows limitations in acute diseases, it can deal with certain emergencies as well.

d)      Most popular in providing PREVENTIVE MEDICINES for any kind of illness.

e)      Safest medicines for INFANTS, CHILDREN and PREGNANCY.

f)       Helps in safe delivery and helps treat LABOUR issues.

g)      Simple to use, safe and has no side effects.

h)      Ideal choice for psychiatric illness, emotional stress, blues etc.

i)        Very effective system in AGRICULTURE and VETERINARY medicines .

j)        Effective medication to cure infertility.

k)      Boosts the immune system.

l)        Acts like an internal counselor in MENTAL STRESS.

m)    Most effective in Chronic illness such as Diabetes, Thyroid issues, Tumors etc. Avoids the complications of the chronic illness.

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  1. We approached Dr Jasna Sushanth for my husband hairfall problem he was almost getting bald…Dr Jasna is a very calm Dr…she took 2 hrs to analyze the problem and today we are so happy with her advice and medicine… My husband got his hair back 🙂 Thank You Dr…if any one has this problem pls approach her…

  2. I had consulted Dr. Jasna for vocal strain, which i developed being a professional singer. I had severe pain around the throat associated with hoarseness in voice. Just one week into medication, I am feeling much better and I hope to recover with her advices on voice rest.

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