We offer specialized Weight Loss Management plans. We help you choose the best plan for you, based on your lifestyle, likes and dislikes. Given below are the options we currently offer under this plan.

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Option 1

  • Personalized Diet Chart, after BMI Analysis
  • Personalized Healthy Diet Advise

Option 2

  • Karada Scan Analysis (Using Fat Analysis Machine): We use the specialized Karada Scan Analysis technique to analyse the excess fat in your body, which helps us plan the best personalised diet for you. 

Option 3

  • We also offer specialised Homoeopathic Treatment Plan for Weight Loss
  • Specific Homoeopathic Fat Burn Drops are prescribed, which benefits you in the following ways:

       (a) Contains Omega 3

       (b) Boosts immunity

       (c) Increases Energy & Metabolism

       (d) Lowers Cholesterol

       (e) Improves digestion & Bowel Health

       (f) Contains Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, C, D, E

       (g) Contains Potassium, Calcium (26 times more than milk), Iron, Sodium, Zinc

       (h) Increases fat burn, if taken 15 minutes before exercise


(i) You are free to opt from one or more of the above options

(ii) We provide 100% export quality natural healthy supplements, that are free from side-effects

(iii) We provide 100% natural Protein Powder, with or without Green Tea, which is free from Steroids, Creatine and contains 80gms Protein. 

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