Kindly read the T&C’s given below, which are applicable to Online Consultation.

1) Online consultation is advisable only in cases where proximity from the clinic is an issue. In Homoeopathy, having a direct interaction with the patient would be more helpful than just having an exchange of e-mails.

2) Free Consultation comprises of the facility to submit your complete case history and any medical reports for evaluation. The Doctor shall evaluate your case history and reports and will inform you if your ailment is curable with Homoeopathy or not. If required, you may be requested to share more details that may be necessary for evaluation.

3) All you personal details shared with the doctor are 100% secure and will not be shared with the outside world. These records are 100% confidential.

4) Regular and timely follow-ups need to be given to the Doctor (as advised), as this is very important and improper follow-ups could lead to there being no effect on the symptom or an aggravation of the symptom.

5) Consultation/Follow-ups conducted over the telephone or via Skype/Chat are strictly on an appointment basis only.

6) German medicines are given higher preference in the prescriptions, due to better and quicker results. However, patients can opt to choose Indian medicines, if price is a concern.

7) The cost of shipping the medicines, must be borne by the Patient.

8) Payment is accepted only in the form of online Account to Account transfer. No Credit Cards or COD accepted.

9) The consultation fee + cost of medicines + shipping, will be informed to the patient prior to the shipment.

10) Medicines to be shipped only once the payment is completed.

11) A Tracking Number would be given to the Patient, to track the shipment of medicines online.

12) Reply to e-mails and calls to be done strictly between 10am – 6pm IST, from Monday to Friday.

13) The patient is needed to seek the advice of the doctor, if medicines from other systems like Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, etc. are being consumed in parallel to the Homoeopathic medicines.