Online Consultation helps individuals by avoiding the hassle of visiting the doctor of their choice in person. Alternatively, you may consult the doctor using medium such as E-mail, Chats, Skype and Telephone. This medium caters to the medical needs of patients worldwide and at no expense of their valuable time!

Online Consultation also allows you to consult a Doctor of your choice across the globe. So, no matter where you are, you will be able to consult a Doctor of your choice over the internet.

Online consultation follows the process mentioned below:

1) Please navigate to the page named “Contact Dr. Jasna”, from the menu above.

2) Enter all the requested information on that page. Please give as detailed a description of your ailment as possible and submit the form.

3) Your case history will be sent to Dr. Jasna for evaluation.

4) If any further information is required for thorough evaluation, Dr. Jasna will send you an e-mail with a form requesting for specific details regarding your ailment. You are expected to fill up this form and send it back to the Doctor via e-mail.

5) Once the evaluation is complete, Dr. Jasna will inform you if your ailment is curable with Homoeopathy or not.

6) A detailed case taking may be required in most cases, to ensure that all the relevant information has been captured before prescribing medicines. This consultation may be either done over the telephone, chat or a skype call.

7) Upon successful completion of case taking, Dr. Jasna will analyze the case and within 2-3 days time, a Treatment Plan would be formulated and shared with you.

8) At this stage the Doctor will also inform you about the Consultation Fees, Cost of medicines and its shipping charges.

9) Upon successful transfer of the charges, the medicines would be shipped to you with immediate effect and the tracking number will be shared, for online tracking.

10) Dr. Jasna at this point would also inform you about the date for the next follow-up. Regular follow-ups are utmost important, in order to help the Doctor understand the progress and the changes in you upon taking medication.

11) Successive follow-ups should be given via e-mail, in the format specified by Dr. Jasna, in a timely fashion.


10am – 6pm IST (Monday – Friday)


Payment is only accepted via Netbanking (Online Account to Account transfer).

Account details would be shared by Dr. Jasna via e-mail, after consultation.

***Credit Card and COD options not available.***


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