India has a rich tradition in Organic farming. But ever since modernization took its birth, we have been implementing modern practices in farming, which in fact depleted the quality of soil, quality of food etc. The use of chemicals dominated in order to augment the need to produce more to meet the demands. We started working against the rhythmic balance of nature, imposing the man’s super knowledge on chemical compounds. Thus green manure, earthworm, vermin compost, biogas slurry, blue green algae etc. took a back seat.

Like humans, plants also have a vital force. Every living organism is endowed with a vital force. Likewise, plants are also a compilation of energies, atoms, molecules etc.

Like we nurture our babies, we must nurture plants too. Derangement of this vital force leads to disorder in a living organism. Homoeopathy acts on the vital level, thereby helping to rejuvenate the deranged vital force in any living organism.

Plants also go through stage of deficiencies, tumours etc. Homoeopathy has made a major breakthrough, in effectively treating plants and thereby helping farmers in better cultivation. Through these medicines we can remove the deficiencies judiciously, help in growth and assimilation, correct the metabolic derangements and help trigger the inherent self healing mechanism.

Through our effective Homoeopathic medication, we help in:
– Promoting growth
– Correcting the deficiencies
– Easy plant transplantation
– Increasing the standard of crops
– Removing pests like aphids, caterpillars, etc.
– Improving the quality of the soil


– Poison/Chemical free plantations
– No usage of fertilizers containing chemicals
– Easy handling
– Cost effective

NOTE: This is strictly the opinion and self-experience of the author.