Motherhood is a divine emotion that can’t be put in words. It is an incomparable feeling that evokes the moments of sweet connection – It is the best thing in your lifetime – It is indescribably a powerful feeling of love and care – Makes a woman feel positive and understand her purpose of life.

Motherhood-Easy Birth

The first kick of the baby feels like a butterfly fluttering around and gives the first time feeling of a new life taking life within you. Such beautiful experiences during pregnancy, may sometimes go unfelt, when you struggle with your pregnancy due to health issues that the mother may go through. Let us give a chance to sit back and enjoy those beautiful moments happily, finally giving birth to a healthy baby.

Most women go through a number of complications during their pregnancy and miss a chance of a happy normal delivery due to multiple changes takes place throughout the body which could be emotional, physical and hormonal changes.

Childbirth is totally a process, where unfortunately anything may go wrong. Every pregnancy is different and varies from one individual to another. Each mother experiences in pregnancy in a different way.

Homoeopathic system is one of wholistic approach, which considers the patient as a whole or remedies are prescribed after constitutional analysis. Constitution is a person’s physical and mental appearance, which is revealed through one’s physical build, characteristic desires, aversions and reactions, as well as emotional and intellectual attributes. Constitutional prescription is based on the totality of the mental and physical reactions. It should be able to cover the level of susceptibility, the tendencies, the behavioral pattern and the underlying miasms.

Homoeopathy can help in nearly every problem related to the onset of labour and multiple complications that can be controlled before, during and after labour.

Wonders through Homoeopathic medicines  

  1. Homoeopathic medicines prescribed after careful case analysis helps in the following ways:
  2. Avoid recurrent abortions
  3. Provide remedies for troubles during & after labour.
  4. Helps to deal with stress during pregnancy, remove fear towards pregnancy, Anemia, weakness, vomiting.
  5. Prevent Preterm contractions
  6. Prevent convulsions and spasms during pregnancy.
  7. Prevents unnecessary foetal movement.
  8. Prevents abnormal position of foetus.
  9. Avoids excessive pain during delivery.
  10. Avoid Perinatal Depression (feeling of blue)
  11. Reduce Cervical issues leading to premature labour and Cervical Os Rigidity during labour.
  12. Shorten time of labour.
  13. Minimize the possibility of a difficult birth, if taken at the beginning of ninth month.
  14. Helps labour that does not progress too quickly.
  15. Prevents bruising, swelling and physical trauma during labour
  16. Prevents cord around the neck
  17. Prevents hemorrhage during labour.
  18. Helps retention of placenta.
  19. Helps remove the after effects of caesarean.

Advised to take Homoeopathic medication, only after expert opinion from a Homoeopathic Physician.


  1. Stay fit throughout pregnancy.
  2. Always discuss with your doctor about your family history, previous illness, complication during previous pregnancy if any, history of any miscarriages etc.
  3. Always take prenatal supplements and other supplements during pregnancy without fail. Eg.: Folic acid, calcium and iron. Protein snack at night is recommended.
  4. To avoid reflux, eat 2-3 hours before going to bed .
  5. Have a support team. (Husband and the family around)
  6. Save your energy.
  7. Chill out at home.
  8. Should consume a good healthy diet, i.e., diet rich in carbohydrates, fatty acids, fruits, vegetables etc.
  9. Include fresh juices in the diet.
  10. Eat a low salt diet.
  11. Eating in small portions is best during pregnancy.
  12. Always try to drink plenty of water.
  13. Avoid back strain as much as possible.
  14. Maintain correct posture while lying down, standing and sitting.
  15. For ankle Oedema, lie down and elevate legs for an hour in the afternoon.
  16. Should lie on your left side, with pillow placed between the legs .
  17. Hygiene should be maintained.
  18. Check Blood Pressure regularly.
  19. Avoid alcohol and smoking during pregnancy.

 It is believed that normal child birth is a luck… So why not make ourselves lucky?