The days where Obesity was considered as a nutritional disorder in the affluent group of people is long gone and now it is fairly common in not-so-affluent folks as well. There exist several factors that contribute to this increasing problem such as age, sex, bone structure and many others. The cause of obesity can be in generally classified into two factors:
1. Exogenous – Overeating or intake of excessive calories
compared to physical work or exercise
2. Endogenous — Due to inherent metabolic disturbance of the
All over the internet one can find a plethora of websites that claim to fix your over weight problems and most of these treatment methods would have two common practices:
1. Rigorous Exercise/Training
2. Strict Dietary Plans for months on end
This would result in two other succeeding drawbacks
1. Loss of muscle mass and faster weight regain as an end result
2. Substituting health drinks in place of meals.
But what if you can guarantee weight loss without having to sacrifice time on your busy schedule to accommodate an exercise regime and also maintain you muscle mass index in the process. And all this in under a month’s time. The word you are thinking is now magic but the right word is ‘science’ or more precisely put the right balance of Homeopathy, Yoga Naturopathy and Nutritionist.
Without any sort of artificial supplements or health drinks or meal replacement drink and by merely utilizing your body reserves one can attain one’s goal of losing weight. This treatment can also be made use for those who suffer any sort of thyroid problems uncontrolled diabetes as well. The treatment also does wonders for Gall Bladder stones, kidney stones, maintaining your cholesterol levels to normalcy, bringing down high uric acid among many other commonly seen ailments in our 21st century.
Weight loss treatments in Bangalore are ever increasing but there are only a handful of establishments that dare to practice this revolutionary and result oriented science whose end product is fat loss with effective muscle mass increase. A personal favorite and a tried and tested establishment that I would suggest would be ‘Dr Jasna’s Value Life Weight Management Clinic where they have experts catering to each of the respective fields. So to those who have tried everything possible with no chance of success, give this a shot.
– A formerly obese citizen (102kg to 81kg)